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  • 30 MIN / $45

  • 45 MIN / $60

  • 60 MIN / $85

  • 90 MIN / $130 



  • 30 MIN / $65

  • 60 MIN / $130


  • 60 MIN / $150

Four of Wands Moon Markets

Mini One-On-One Reading

(When Natalie is available during Moon Markets, book ahead) 

  • 20 MIN / $35  


In Person Only

This is a Group setting where you receive mini spiritual messages

  • $15-40, Sliding Scale, What you can Afford


No appointment needed.

Emailed response w/in 1-3 business days 

  • $50 / Fully channeled, or answer up to 5 of your specific questions



Book an Appointment with Natalie

For Readings and Consultations


If you have other questions, feel free to contact via email

What is Channeling?

The easiest way to describe an individual who calls themselves a channeler or psychic medium is as someone who has flexed their intuitive muscle and opened a channel for communication between the human realm and the spiritual realm. Or, a channeler can be considered the bluetooth speaker, where Divine Intelligence communicates via the voice of the channeler. Although that’s an oversimplification, it’s straight to the point.


My personal belief is that we are all channels, but the Divine Intelligence works through each of us in a unique way. Similar to other psychic mediums, I quiet the chatter in my mind and body from everyday experiences. Over Zoom or a phone call, I allow the Divine to utilize my voice and body to speak to whoever it is I'm working with.  Every client receives a written channeled message before the vocal channeling session.

What is Energy Recalibration?

Energetic Recalibration is similar to Reiki, but what the Spirits do through me is a little different. The Spirits use sacred symbols and light language to activate the body's own ability to heal. Light language releases stagnant energy, letting it return to its natural flow. Some use the words blocked or stuck. What I have been shown though is that it’s never blocked, but rather more like a kinked hose where there is very little flow moving through certain areas of the physical and energetic body, and aura. This can occur from everyday interactions with individuals, animals, situations and circumstances. Most commonly this occurs through limiting and personal beliefs, societal conditioning and other personal reasons.

During the recalibration, the Spirits channel through in multiple ways simultaneously. They speak to the individual through light language and activate the body's natural ability to heal using sacred symbols.

What is A Transiting Moon Session?

In the beginning of my personal spiritual awakening, two dear friends of mine introduced me to a practice of writing personal intentions around the New and Full Moon. At that time, I was aimlessly writing what my heart desired and had little to no awareness that the universe has a strategy and timing for what we humanly long for. But there is a spiritual journey in the universe and in nature that can be very revealing, acting as a compass or a map, to each of us as we navigate our own paths. One area this occurs is in the patterning of the moon cycles.  

​The Full and New Moon harness different energies. In Pagan practices, Full Moon energy is all about releasing what no longer serves you. Other beliefs suggest the Full Moon provides guidance in the areas of our lives where we need to shift our energy.  


The New Moon is a beautiful time to plant something new within our hearts and minds through intention, allowing us to observe the growth around what we have planted in the etheric field. Farmers and gardeners believe that New Moons are the time to plant new seeds because the soil is more fertile and wet due to the gravitational pull that brings up moisture. 

​My service to you would provide a brief dive into your astrological birth chart to see where the moon is speaking to you personally, and guide you to work with the moon cycles. This will help you become more aware of the many blessings, lessons and direction the universe is assisting you with.

What's the difference between Written Channeling and a Consciousness Reading?

I approach written channeled messages in the same way as the Consciousness readings/channeling, just in written form. Written channeled messages are available individually, without a Zoom or vocal channeling session, or as an add-on for extra clarity after a vocal session. With written channeling, you can ask up to 5 questions if you're looking for specific clarity, direction or guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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