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Where Attention Goes...

August is here, and Leo Season came in with a bang! The New Moon in Leo occurred on Thursday July 28th, 2022. Did you set a new intention for yourself? New Moons are the best time to be creative, and Leo is one of, if not the most, creative signs in the Zodiac. Some of you Pisceans could argue otherwise, but Leo rules Children, the heart, courage, and creative energy.

Since this is a great time to start creating, what are you focusing on? Have you heard the saying, where attention goes, energy flows? What are you paying attention to, is energy flowing, or is it draining you? Are you observing enough to recognize where energy isn't flowing? Some could be forcing their plan, focusing on what they want rather than what The Divine Mind reveals. Possibly because they want to ensure they're receiving the same energy they've put into someone or something. Consider it all as perspective, which I would then ask if your perceptions align with reality, or what you want reality to be.

The journey towards self-discovery is a lifelong quest and will continue to challenge us until our physical death and beyond. It's essential to focus on ways to enjoy the human journey. As Ekhart Tolle said, "Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it." Many don't realize or know they are the co-creator of their reality; they choose these moments they are experiencing. That's a hard pill to swallow, I can admit from personal experience.

Free Will Choice is the most beautiful thing gifted to us in this Human experience. In every moment you are given, ask yourself how will you respond to it, or what choice will you make?

I remember experiencing a frustrating moment and remembered the Eckhart Tolle quote above. So I made a choice. I chose to enjoy the time I was experiencing because if I chose this moment, why be upset? I don't experience much alone time, and I was given solitude at that moment; Thank you, Divine Mind, and Divine Beings for unexpected gifts.

Are you allowing your mind to drain you from a potentially enjoyable experience, or are you choosing to see things differently? Remember, where attention goes, energy flows. So what are you paying attention to? Perhaps you experience stories built up in your mind, also called Neptunian energy, causing illusions and thus causing emotions to arise. Are they draining you? Maybe the initial thoughts aren't what is draining you, but any ideas regarding others could be, simply because they're not aligned with your expectations.

The Leo New Moon might have come and gone, but you can continue to fine-tune and rewrite your future potential. Focus your attention on your goals, step into your courage and take action, the divine mind will show up and assist; always keep in mind creation takes time. Therefore dear one, practice patience because, as the saying goes, nothing worth having happens overnight.

Love to you dear ones,


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