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A Simple Grounding Practice

As much as I'd like to spread cheer, we are obviously living in different times, and are witnessing the world change right before our very eyes. This can rattle our belief systems, which I find to be quite positive actually. This time that we are in can also create unsteadiness, feelings of groundlessness, and it can create an immense amount of fear within us and those around us.

For those of you who have had sessions with me, you've most likely received a message from your guides telling you to have faith in them and trust God or the higher intelligence. Now more than ever, it is time to put that message into practice and implement it into your vocabulary, thought patterns, and actions.

To be very human with you, I too waver in moments and ask "why is this happening? Are my family and friends going to be ok? Am I going to be ok?" This occurred in my human consciousness because I went out into the world recently, and saw how the population was responding. Therefore, I wasn't in fear of the virus; I was in fear just witnessing the panic shopping occurring out there. I get it, and as soon as I begin to speak outwardly, I'm mindful of my words and how they impact the future moments and others around us. Understand this, our words are actually spells that begin to create our future. Therefore, when you experience your own words and thoughts out of fear and panic, replace them with words and thoughts embedded in trust and faith.

The very first video on my youtube channel is meant to be an introduction to who I am. For those of you that know me, we don't need an introduction, but please share my website with those who could use a different approach to their prayers or meditation practice.

Grounding is a simple practice to reconnect to God, source, or the higher intelligence. I didn't elaborate in the video because I didn't want it to be a 2-hour video. Please share your questions with me, and I will make a video based on those questions.

I am still taking clients, however they are solely over the phone until further notice. If you'd like to make an appointment, feel free to contact me through this website.

We are now being called to trust in those precious words "thy will be done." As often as you can remember, remain in the present moment and take it day by day. Moving forward, I encourage you to take two minutes or more out of your day to close your eyes, and roll them up to focus on the center of your forehead. Begin imagining while you inhale any color that comes to mind, and exhale a different color. If that doesn't resonate with you, close your eyes, roll them up to focus on the center of your forehead and breathe in the air element, and exhale a different element to release the heaviness that may be stagnate within you. By doing this simple grounding practice, your energy will shift into a more peaceful state of being. At any time you feel in the state of fear or panic, return to this simple grounding technique.

Affirmations to practice for yourself and for those you have in prayer or thought.

“Any thoughts rooted in fear, may they be pulled out and reseeded with thoughts of trust, faith and peace, and may it begin with me.

Any actions or reactions out of panic, may they be cleansed and replaced with actions out of love, and may it begin with me.”

With love and precious light,


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