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Questions for Continued Healing

A lot has come up since my initial post. I’m at a place in my spiritual growth where I find listening to my body, reactions, and experiences is vitally important. Every time I went to write a second post, there was this push back towards what I was discussing at that moment, until now. In the initial post, I discussed how I was becoming aware of my ego and how it impacted my spiritual growth. There were multiple instances recently where I became aware of the amount of judgment I held towards others and myself for the simplest things. Luckily, I can say most of the time I was aware of judgmental thoughts. At least there was some cognizant practice and when I realized I was doing this, I was reminded, “They are on their divine path, in their divine timing.” This allowed me to breathe through and beyond my perception, providing me with an appreciation of the divine within everyone and everything. I also experienced something genuinely enlightening within these several weeks. I know this current perspective isn’t new but the depth of it is new to me. I now understand how our soul desires to have experiences through a human body (duh right), or what was termed as our “skin body” in meditation. I now question, how much of our personal experience is created by what we focus on? For instance, what we think about, verbalize, and visualize? Also, how much of it is divinely organized for our growth? These are the questions I’ve been diving into deeply this past month, and I’m still researching the answer. In the past, I was in a situation where I was questioning a relationship, who else was in my life and why. I became unsettled because I subconsciously began creating uncomfortable thoughts about the history of our friendship. I came to realize, this is my soul’s way of looking for healing on many levels. Today I question why people are coming and going in my life, and how are they contributing to the healing my soul desires. Before this situation my life was content. I could mediate the crap out of most uncomfortable feelings and situations. All of a sudden, meditating out of a funk felt impossible and I had to figure out why. I now understand that I’m an individual who required closure to get to the next chapter. Now, I’m healing that part of me and learning how to let the past stay in the past. It seems so simple yet the depth and breadth of this understanding became an awakening. Today, I know that we are on a journey to heal wounds in some shape or form. At this point in my journey, I’m unsure who creates the situations, circumstances, and environments we find ourselves in. I’m unsure if it’s ourselves, everyone else in the situation or circumstance, a divine plan, or all of the above. I believe our soul is working together with the infinite intelligence to create scenarios for our healing to come to fruition. Therefore we can either step up to the challenge or run from it. However, the healing we are seeking will continue to find us one way or another, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be. You see, some of this makes sense, at least in my head. On some level, we are all seeking ways to live a better quality of life. The greatest psychologists would suggest that our subconscious is working “this” out through dreams, or the people we surround ourselves with, marry, etc. However, the missing link might be in the question, “what percentage is divinely organized, or co-created? I deeply believe things do happen for a reason. What I'm learning now is that coincidences are merely our thoughts, words, and visualizations coming into manifestation; and collide or blend with other individuals manifested thoughts, words, and visualizations. Therefore this brings me to a whole new set of questioning about this human experience. Are our thoughts free will, or is there some sort of design that’s planting these thoughts within us? If we were given multiple options to choose from in any given scenario. I believe we have free will to choose which one we want to explore. However, how much of our decision is influenced by divine intelligence, spiritual guides, and angels? Are these divine beings planting seeds that will lure us into a certain direction? My path is about exploring the truth and finding internal balance to navigate peacefully through this life. I want to know the secrets of the world, the universe, and this human experience. My goal is to help others alleviate bitterness, anxiety, depression, ill will, etc, to assist with bringing the Divine plan, “Thy WILL be done, on earth as it is in Heaven” to fruition. Maybe I’m onto something or maybe I’m chasing my tail. One thing I do know is, the truth will reveal itself as I research this global spiritual awakening. Again I desire to enlighten and to inspire others to know thyself. I will continue to point towards the divine light energy for others on this spiritual path and awakening. Your journey is your own and those who are creating more light on this planet are only meant to remind you of the divine power. Be brave knowing that source always has a reason and our evolution is the top priority. With love and light, Natalie

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