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The Influence of Ego

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Hi everyone, my name is Natalie. Like many of you, I'm on a journey to find inner peace, a deeper understanding of who I am, my purpose, and how to help others along the way. In 2013, I had a huge wake-up call: I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Prior to this life-changing event, something began opening up for me. There’s only one way to explain it. It was as if my soul was finally recognizing the alarm was going off, and it was time to wake up (spiritually speaking). During the process of learning to heal, I also realized I have etheric gifts, and an ability to communicate with spiritual beings.

It’s taken me some time to “launch” my blog, or website, even though I have been given NUMEROUS spiritual messages to write and to market myself and gifts. However, in the past I was scared and worried about judgment, and who or what would challenge me along the way. The biggest fear I’m currently getting past is the acceptance of loved ones, and whoever decided to work with me. The world we live in is healing it's judgmental and opinionated side. And when you hear “no judgment here” our old programming tells us there is judgment. In the past, I was crippled by that unspoken opinion, judgment, or those who challenged my faith. Today is a new day though, and I feel it’s time to show myself and others who I truly am. Because in this day and age we are all screaming for authenticity.

Therefore, I’m going to share my journey, and no, this isn’t day one of my personal journey obviously. However, in a sense, it is day one of being who I truly am, which is, a seeker of truth and feeling confident enough to broadcast it.

My goal today is to begin introducing myself to you, be it reading my blog, or watching the video’s I’m in progress of making. I’m sharing something I channeled recently from my collective consciousness, higher self, or spirit guides. The question below was prompted from a video I watched that Lee Harris posted. If you don’t know his work it would benefit you to become familiar with it.

Question: What does my soul want me to know today?

God consciousness/ Guides/ Higher self :

Well, first off Natalie you don’t give yourself enough credit for what you are doing, and where you are going. You constantly do things for others, you constantly do things to evolve and yet you question your path, CONSTANTLY.

See all the universe ever wants is for people to think of others, to be there for others, to show love to yourself and others. You constantly do that, you constantly put other’s needs before your own, while at the same time asking for guidance, asking for ways to evolve to be closer to universal connection. My dear, you’re doing exactly what you need to do, in order to get that clarity, that oneness, that drive, that spark, those evolutionary steps. You are taking action in your life. Yes right now it doesn’t feel that way because you “don’t have a job/ career, remember you wanted to be a stay at home Mom, you wanted to raise your child, you manifested this, oh yes you did indeed.

You are here, in your future, what you’ve always wanted. Please sit back and enjoy and notice that you created this reality for yourself, and you will be able to create again and again. Therefore what is it that you want right now, you want a teacher, you want someone to open up your intuition more and more, have you thought about how this is serving ego? Because it is, it’s serving your ego if you open up fast, because there is a part of you that wants this recognition for people to applaud you, and say they are proud of you. My dear, that is ALL ego. So let’s recalibrate, what is your reason to really open your intuition fully? Why is it that you want to open so quickly, what is your plan to do with this? Answer these questions before we move on.


The honest reason why I want to really open my intuition is to be able to say I was right, I knew I was "special;" I want validation. I was suppressed and now I want to use my gifts to help humanity….

Let’s address this right now. You are special, you are all (every living soul) quite special in a very unique way. Why is it that you feel the need to stand out?

Because I feel I can deliver the Divine message well, I feel I can get my ego in check to deliver any divine message. I feel I can be God’s messenger. I want to empower myself and be comfortable with my authentic self. I want to help guide others to be their true selves.

And yet you judge them when they are being their true selves.

I feel as though I am seeing many people not be their authentic self though. I feel as though I can see their potential.

Yes, you can, but only through your own vision. You see, what we see is, everyone is perfect the way they are, EVERYONE. Everyone is in perfect timing too, on their timeline. They (you as well) are growing at the pace each and every one of you feel is the best way forward, and what you feel comfortable with. You see, there is ALWAYS a bigger plan for everyone, there truly is. But you, my dear, you want to understand so deeply and purely. Know that every single one of your souls and you as collective souls are special, have always been special, and will always do special things. So, your intention is clouded with ego. You know why you aren’t moving forward, don’t you? The part of you that knows the truth of your path, is your inner wisdom and is crying to break free. The human side of you (ego) is fighting with the divine oneness within you. Therefore you are battling what you’ve been conditioned with, in this life, and your inner wisdom.

My question then is, how do I release ego? Because honestly I do want the best for humanity and I want peace, to feel with who I am, for everyone to have a sense of safety wherever anyone travels, to love openly, to see each other as equals etc.

You release ego by holding the thought that everyone is on their divine path that everyone is divine, period, and NO MATTER WHAT, you must let go of judging them on their path. Practice saying “it’s ok, they are on their divine path,” and then, breath (deep breath)… just breathe…. Breathe through the uneasiness, breathe through the frustration, breathe through anger, annoyance because… my dear one, they are all divine, learning and growing and you aren’t their teacher, but us as a collective, we are each others teachers. When you give others their space to be unique, when you give them their space to grow and hold the vision for them, that it is SAFE to grow, and it is SAFE to be (in your eyes) sluggish, it’s safe to be (in your eyes) cold, and closed off. Then, my dear, you are on your path to be ego-free.

See now, didn’t this ego discussion cover most of those other questions?

Yes, it did. Now my question is… (the inner wisdom collective interrupted me)

No my child, practice this then come back to us in a week and we will go from there.

Spread love and light.

The overall goal at this point is to one day experience this life with a deeper understanding of the greater plan. This is the path I am on, if you are also, hopefully this website serves you well, and helps you on your journey. May my ebbs and flows of the human experience illuminate a path for those who seek a deeper understanding, and encourage you to know, we are together in this awakening.

With Love and Light,


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