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The Great Awakening

Have you found yourself in a conversation about spiritual awakening, wondering what the hell it all means? Maybe you find yourself asking if you are "woke."

But before you continue reading this, I invite you to set an intention to observe and notice your present moment. Notice what the present moment feels like and if it's anything other than calm and tranquil. Do you feel peaceful and relaxed? Consider putting aside the density of the day while you read this. And, as you read on, allow yourself to enjoy what resonates and release what doesn't.

Are you willing to have fun with me, by using your imagination? If so, let's envision a movie with incredible warriors that are in an epic battle. All of a sudden, a mist enters the scene, which challenges the warriors' visibility. Within that mist, you see them experience a shift. The mist clears out, and you witness something extraordinary.

The Warriors drop their weapons. Rather than fighting, they fully embrace one another as one would after waking up from a coma. Instead of seeing each other as foes, they see each other as family. The movie ends with the warriors recognizing that neither one of them was a threat. They learn the only danger there ever was, was themselves. It's as if a spell broke that had been upon them for years. Suddenly, the world around them is brighter and pleasant; the air is sweet, with pleasant emotions running high. You see the warriors become softer and transform into compassionate beings. You watch as their minds and hearts fill with relief, bliss, joy, and freedom.

How would you feel about that movie?

Well, my dear equal, we are living through that movie. More and more people are experiencing the shackles of their mind's release. You are witnessing and undergoing a massive transformation of the human consciousness. If you don't believe me, look around and observe the massive shift occurring every day. Notice how the LGBTQIA community is more accepted. Observe how racial, cultural and gender inequities are now in plain view receiving a platform to speak their truth, and some of the collective are adjusting quickly. Are you noticing the world around you is changing at rapid speed? These are tiny examples of the human collective experiencing the deconstructing invisible mist (or energy) that breaks down any mental conditioning.

Whenever I channel for clients, the Infinite Intelligence continuously reminds me that every one of us impacts the other in one way or another. Through our free will choices comes a ripple effect that occurs within the collective. As mentioned earlier, notice your surroundings and how the environments around us adapt to this new world we now find ourselves in. How are you adapting? Is there space in your belief systems to reevaluate what others taught you as a child? Are you looking at cultures differently, perhaps wanting to know more? Are you allowing individuals to have their opinion, and instead of disagreeing with those who see differently, you agree to disagree? These are the nuances and shifts those warriors were experiencing in that movie I described earlier.

We now live through times where the imprisonment on our consciousness is releasing, and we're waking up more and more to a different reality. Many metaphysical spiritual truth-seekers use phrases like, "the veil is being lifted, the dimensions are thinning," etc. I will tell you, though, this awakening is happening whether you consider yourself spiritual or not!

This reality is shifting and adjusting. Maybe you aren't spiritual, or perhaps you're new to a spiritual understanding. This post is for every truth seeker, spiritual or not. If spiritual terms don't resonate with you, that's ok. Could you agree that we are all wanting to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives? From my perspective, the only difference is how it comes to form, and the words we choose to describe it. Therefore I welcome those who have a different direction in life and want to be more inclusive regardless of our belief systems.

Not everyone on earth will have the cosmos revealed to them while in human form. Nope, we all want a different experience in a skin body. Awakening happens in various ways and looks different to every human being. On one spectrum, you have the individuals talking about oneness, consciousness, aliens etc. On the other end, others recognize behaviors and thought patterns that they're changing to align with their morals and values. Some of you are seeking out why you suddenly feel so different among familiar settings and people. Perhaps you notice your favorite foods taste different now. I don't know how your life is adjusting, but I will say any change will be interesting and exciting or scary depending on your experiences and perception.

What I encourage you to focus on through your awakening is forgiveness for yourself and others. When you realize our weapons are negative words towards ourselves and others, a hurtful glare, a judgment, or an actual weapon, forgive yourself for participating in that. You were only doing what you've been programmed and taught to do.

There will be a day when we embrace each other as "brother and sister" and potentially laugh at how ridiculous we were. We are from the same source that keeps our hearts pumping, just with a different exterior.

You might come upon this post years, weeks, months, days, or moments after it posted. That's because you're to see this in your divine time. Every day is a moment in time when the divine reality reveals itself. Enjoy every moment within the here and now.

Love to you, dear soul

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