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Step into Your Courage!

As an individual who's highly attuned to the energetic waves of consciousness, taking a break from Social Media, people, "the hustle," situations and circumstances, etc., is a must every now and then. I've learned and accepted how vital those breaks are for my mental, emotional and physical health. But, this specific energy I had to bring to your attention!

Are you noticing that either yourself or others are experiencing high emotions, intense feelings, or cycling old memories? Maybe some of you are becoming aware of your hidden subconscious programming, patterns, or cycles? We can thank the Scorpio eclipse that occurred on May 15th, 2022, for much of this. Eclipse energy can hang out for up to 6 months, suggests astrology. However, this specific eclipse energy can linger for roughly a year. At least that's what channels through for many clients in recent sessions.

Now, you may experience not-so-subtle energy along with the intensity of the Scorpio Eclipse themes. Starting May 25th through July 4th, 2022, planet Mars will be in the sign of Aries, which means Mars is in its rulership. This is a powerful energy that we all will experience! Are you already experiencing it?

Becoming a fully conscious person requires the act of observance. Remember, we're a part of the whole, the collective consciousness. Therefore, observe yourself, behaviors, thoughts and actions. How are you contributing to the external world?

This is a perfect time to observe what Mars frequency you align with. On a lower frequency, you and others could be lacking patience on a whole other level, impulsive, on edge, with feelings of anger and a willingness to take matters into your own hands.

Pause, for a moment, master those emotions and before you move forward, ask yourself, are the emotional roots of this action what I want to align with? Could it be harmful to you and others, or are you using that energy to channel your higher self, to take action towards your highest goals?

So, where do you feel like enough is enough! "This is SPARTA!" or really, THIS IS YOUR LIFE! PURSUE WHAT FULFILLS YOU! This is the energy we're in for some time. Are you taking advantage?

Depending on where Mars is transiting in your birth chart will reveal where this energy impacts you most. Perhaps it's using your resources wisely to manifest your potential, setting boundaries, saying yes to that opportunity even if it scares the bejesus out of you, or exploring new territory. I'm not sure where Mars is transiting in your birth chart, but we could explore that in a session together! We can briefly go over your birth chart in a one-on-one session, like a Channeling or the Transiting moon session.

Keep in mind that there's a difference between a lower-minded and higher-minded Aries and Mars consciousness. A Higher Minded Master of the Aries and Mars energy channels that brave initiation ONWARD fire towards goals that benefit The All and everything. A lower-minded servant of the lower frequency could be impulsive and reckless, serving the collective and personal unhealthy ego.

So ask yourself, how are you taking action in your lives to align with your highest potential? In the past, were you in Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn states? This Mars energy says, ok, you've had time to reflect and go inward. With the wisdom you've gained, how will you apply it, what's your action plan, and when will you take that action? Could Mars in the sign of Taurus (beginning July 5th) help you to ground and work hard on those goals? Perhaps!

Step into your courage dear ones!

Lastly, ensure your actions and steps are of the highest intention and vibration. We are a collective under the Law of One. The Divine mind reminds you that the action steps you take impact everything. When you act with integrity and, most of all, LOVE and compassion for self and the collective, the Divine Mind will do anything and everything to ensure your steps reach the highest outcome.

Love to you dear souls,


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