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Today is a day of further understanding that you are on the correct path. Today is a day of knowing… knowing that within yourself there are greater things occurring, and you are awakening to them. Understand that this is a journey and an evolutionary process. Therefore if you think of life as slow and dull, that’s exactly how it will be.

However, as you are well aware, even in the “slowest” moments, there is peace and tranquility which is a much more exciting experience than the thrill you are seeking. Knowing that you can look at a landscape and feel what true peace and gratitude is. Yes, the thrill-seeking is definitely feeding one area of your human experience. However, the bigger piece of you wants peace in your everyday life. Know that you can look at one another, without thought, and recognize that you are here to experience human form together.

Understand that you have the ability to simply enjoy being at-one-with the crispness of the air. In time, you will learn to appreciate and savor in the pureness of this life, just like your best pet friends are able to do. To be there in that peaceful moment with you, and the formations of our Creator.

You’ve mentioned out loud, ( Florence Scovel Shinn writes, “Your Word is Your Wand,”) that “life can feel slow-paced and boring.” Although, these moments can be truly wonderful experiences because you have the opportunity to take it all in and understand why you are here.

No one is created to bicker and think they’re greater than another; this is not why anyone is created. You were created to have a physical experience with each other, but I gave you an intelligent brain to experience human life further. Nowhere near an experiment gone awry.

Yet at the same time, “I sit on the edge of my ‘seat’” as if you were one of those reality shows that human beings have created. There are moments of love and tenderness, but the overall effect of these shows is to keep you on the edge of your seat. Right now the collective consciousness is excited for the turnaround, to see how you all come together as one, with little to no influence by us. See, yes there is VERY minimal influence we have on you, but free will is one of the best gifts you have been blessed with.

We do have to admit, we’re starting to experiencing the feelings of,” when will humanity turn to the light” and become ingrained in the global consciousness. As the collective is aware, it’s coming; you are all awakening. As you are ready for your gifts to open, we too are ready for you all as a consciousness to turn into light form. When that moment arrives, no human word will be able to explain it; it will only come with a feeling, and sensation wrapped within you and around you. There, my children, you will truly understand peace and Heaven on Earth.

Bring Love and light within your soul and the Christ consciousness will live within you,

The Higher Collective

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