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How Precious The Present Moment Is

Have you ever wondered what it means to be in this present moment? I know for me, it can be challenging to focus on the present moment. I've been described as squirrely, a big thinker, or a classic overthinker. With those brief descriptions, you can get a small picture into my mind and how I live. Therefore, I empathize with anyone who feels the struggle to get into the present moment. I have found a practice within myself that potentially speeds up the process depending on my mental and emotional state, and it compliments my conscious practice of remaining in gratitude.

If you're not familiar with my work my background consists of hypnotherapy and alternative healing practices. Therefore I use the tools and skills that have emerged from my experiences through alternative approaches. You will find that the subconscious mind, imagination, and the so-called 6th sense are utilized greatly in these disciplines. I now understand and believe the spiritual realms communicate through the subconscious mind, senses, and imagination. Therefore, do you consider yourself a prolific dreamer or an empath but have yet to explore beyond that self-understanding? Perhaps you have yet to strengthen this 6th sense that we all possess in some shape or form. Maybe you haven't exercised it simply because you're taught it's nonsense, witchcraft, or unreal. I will admit, some alternative approaches appear and feel surreal.

We all have unique approaches to our education, areas of interest, creativity, etc. You will come to find my approaches for getting into the present moment can be somewhat quick and intense, because this is how life has typically unfolded for me. Therefore, a profound approach to the Present Moment practice I utilize tends to spark an emotional response. If you're willing, then I warmly welcome you to explore this unique approach to get into the present moment.

With that said, begin by asking yourself, "What if, after reading this, I had my last breath? What if I died right now? What would I miss?" For me, it would be my partner in life's comforting and sweet healing embrace. I will eternally cherish the sound of my daughter's laughter and her snuggles. I'd long to feel my dog's fur and her warmth on my feet. I'd miss receiving kisses on the head from my Dad, or watching my Mom laugh. I'd yearn for the sun on my skin and forehead. If I died right now, there would be some sadness that I spent so much time worrying about minor things. Perhaps I was too concerned with how to survive in this world that I spaced all those moments I just mentioned.

Before you continue, pause and take a moment to consider all the things you would genuinely miss. Recognize any subtleties that you may not have considered and how your body responds to those thoughts and images swirling in your head. When Multiple Sclerosis hospitalized me, I never knew how grateful I would feel to walk and see straight. I hadn't considered how precious it is to use the restroom on my own. I didn't realize how swallowing food was a gift or how incredible it felt to speak without a slur.

My dear friend, remind yourself what it is to be in human form; that's how you get into the present moment and become grateful for your life. You have skin that senses, feels, and protects your innards that a soul doesn't have to think about. You may have limbs and digits to help you experience the sensations of this physical reality, a soul doesn't. You have a nose to smell food and enjoy those pleasant aromas you have come to love. You have a physical beating heart that is moving for WHATEVER reason. I mean, shit, you don't get plugged into a wall so your heart can function. Think about that! How precious of a gift your heart, brain, and body are!

Souls have a unique experience on the other side of this human reality. In my experience, while channeling and talking to entities they express how much they treasured having a physical body and yearn to feel a warm embrace from their loved ones. It's the simple things spirits long for in most cases, not monetary concerns except for the uneasiness about tying up loose ends.

When you have a near-death experience or are on your dying bed, you may have the moment where you begin to reflect on what you would be letting go of once you pass on. I want to guarantee the last thing you will be thinking of are the subtleties of your human existence rather than the stressors. But, I haven't been with everyone on their dying bed, nor have I spoken to every soul that has passed on. Therefore, I only know what I would miss, and what the souls have expressed to me.

This is how I get into the present moment. I reflect on what I have in this moment in time rather than what I don't. The second I begin thinking about the what if's and what I don't have, I'm out of alignment with the present moment. When I'm in other ideas out of the present moment, I'm either fighting the past or struggling with a future I will never fully know.

So dear one, remind yourself how precious this moment is. How the average person can only go for a few days without food and water. And how everyone can only go moments without a breath. The present moment and how we respond to it is the only thing we have control over. So cherish this moment and remember, a soul doesn't have lungs to breathe air, but you do.

I love you dear one


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