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Healing meditation

Can you and I agree that the world requires healing beyond the individual? Consider how a simple act of kindness can transform another person’s day. Has that ever happened to you, where a simple act of kindness out of pure free will touched you in a warm loving way? Regardless of the time and location you find yourself in, someone or something in the world will benefit from you taking a moment to spread love through the energetic waves.

Perhaps you‘ve had days where it’s harder to remember the impact you as an individual have on the collective? As a truth seeker and intuitive, I follow where the energies are pulling me for the day. Often, I've noticed rowdy vibrations in my surroundings, forcing me to practice the importance of remaining in personal energy rather than the collective’s. As I've mentioned in a previous blog , the collective Ego is disintegrating. Have you recently experienced states of restlessness, fear, anxiety, sadness? With this paradigm shift of the human consciousness might come fear and a desire to hold onto what's familiar. Therefore, a response out of anger could arise because we have no control over this shift from the old to the new. And, some could struggle with uncertainty, which fuels more fear. Think back to the ripple effect an individual has through one simple act of kindness. This ripple effect can go in many directions, but it takes one person to change the momentum.

Therefore, before you continue reading, dear one, please take a moment to become conscious of your breathing, and settle into your surroundings. This post calls both of us to participate in profound work. The guided meditation you will receive in this blog asks you to place any stress or anxiety on hold for a brief moment. You can simply tell yourself, “I will return to this if I choose at a later time. You can begin placing those feelings on hold through slow, deep and rhythmic breathing. As I've mentioned in previous blogs, we humans make things so complicated. Why do practices like meditation, hypnosis and others appear to be so simple? We tend to think that things aren’t as simple as they seem, but can you trust that they are?

What I'd like you to do right now, is use this blog as a meditation. Read through it, take as long as you desire, and continue using it whenever you feel called to it. Every time you use this guided meditation, different visuals, thoughts, and sensations might roll through your body, or imagination. Trust what you are experiencing, and consider keeping a journal to document your journey.

As mentioned previously, the world needs a mass healing among the collective consciousness. Take this moment to tap into the consciousness of this post's frequency, which channels from the infinite intelligence. Allow the inner chatter or Ego that downplays this type of practice, and place it on pause, just for this moment.

We concern ourselves too much, thinking our creative thoughts are silly or not possible. Only to learn that someone else in the world ended up creating that very inventive thought. Ever had that experience? Has anyone ever told you it was a spiritual download wanting you to be a part of bringing it to form?

If you're anything like me, in the past I tended to overthink and struggled to meditate because "it can't be that simple," Did you have an answer to my question earlier? Can you trust that these practices are as simple as they seem? If you can't, you're in good company. I used to think that they couldn't be that simple, thus, I began to overthink. If you are new to meditation, I encourage you to go with simplicity and place any mental interruptions behind the purpose of this guided meditation.

Position your body comfortably and remember to keep your focus on the rhythm of your breath. Practice breathing into any discomfort in the body, allowing any tightness or tense muscles to release before moving forward. And as you continue to breathe, imagine yourself near a rhythmic body of water. Visualize yourself resting near the water; if you prefer being in the bathtub or outside in nature visualize that. Use whatever body of water visual that resonates with you.


Pause, and consider allowing your breathing to synchronize with the motion of the water. Any distracting thoughts, simply place them behind this meditation.

Place your hands lightly on the water or submerge them, and feel the motion of the water. Just sense how it goes side to side, back and forth. Continuing to breathe, still imagine through your mind's eye, gazing out in front of you, whether it's the horizon or you're watching the water entering the bathtub.

Breathing rhythmically...

I encourage you to imagine a force, an energy source lighting up in the palms of your hands. It doesn't matter if you can't see or physically feel anything. As you visualize a glowing energy in the palms of your hands, mentally ask, what type of healing does humanity need at this moment. What is the first word(s) that comes to mind? Perhaps the words are peace, calm, nurture, love?

Now imagine the significance of the word moving into the palms of your hands. And with a gentle, loving command, visualize the energy flowing out of your hands (and) onto the water. Imagine and witness how the energy lights up and energizes the water.

Begin lovingly talking to the water, directing it to flow to the most needed location. Maybe it's you? Perhaps it begins flowing towards you? In your mind's eye, you may be near the ocean, and you watch the healing energy flow out into the great unknown. Continue observing it drift towards the location that requires the most healing at this moment in time. It's unimportant to know where exactly it's going; trust it's flowing in the direction that needs it most.

Perhaps you're observing any water animals dancing in it while the energy flows past them. Maybe you're witnessing someone drinking the healing water you sent out and what it does for them. Perhaps you're watching evaporation occur, and your healing water goes into the clouds traveling towards drylands. Just feel healing water calming everything down wherever it's received. It's bringing a sense of support and love to that location, that person, or that animal.

When you are ready to release and to return to your day, imagine your hands once again full of that water as well. Take a moment to gently wash your face with it and give gratitude to the water for carrying out the will of divine love. Bring your hands into your chest, and pause for a moment. Feel the gratitude mother earth is experiencing because you're co-creating a ripple effect of love. I am grateful as well dear soul; thank you.

You may do this practice whenever you feel called to do it again. I know you lightworkers sense a need to participate in healing but could be unsure where to begin. This meditation is one way you can start. There is no need to be a part of human suffering at every moment to make a difference. You aren't here for that. You are here to anchor in the divine presence, and this is one way to do it.

May we connect through the ethers, even for a brief moment. Know your power, your strength. You can make a difference, and it all begins with love for the all and everything.

Love to you dear one

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