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Detach and Connect to the God Energy

I remember a time when I was having many conversations with loved ones about freedom, and how we wished we had more of it within our own separate lives. Fast forward to today. For myself, at times I have felt more confined than I have ever before. Yet simultaneously, I am experiencing a completely different sense of freedom.

The pandemic has brought about confusion in regard to social distancing versus physical distancing. Nonetheless, I’ve been experiencing energetic releases from family, friends, and whomever I’ve come in contact with as a result of the confusing times we are living in. Thus, as a collective, we are redirected towards other outlets and coping mechanisms that can help us through this time. It feels as though family, friends, and others who were attached are becoming more creative, are praying or meditating often, are spending time in nature, or lost in thought (hopefully visualizing positive outcomes, refer back to my previous post for clarity). Therefore they’re tapping more into the Divine intelligence whether they’re aware of it or not. This provides a release from who we could’ve been energetically attached to, giving us an opportunity to be in our own energy.

I further explain what I mean by this in my video. You can also find my earlier posts on or go directly to my Youtube channel and check out my previous video. Many clients from my intuitive practice can tell you what information they’ve received from the higher consciousness. During one-on-one sessions, my clients receive information that helps connect them to their body and consciousness. The information shows them what or who (people, food, environmental factors) are affecting specific organs or causing them pain. In that way, they are afforded the opportunity to shift energy with people and experiences in their life. These individuals or situations can come from present-day life, past-lives, and even future lives.

If you are feeling off-balance or not feeling yourself, consider thinking outside of the box. You could be experiencing collective energy that’s throwing you off. One way to shift a strange feeling out of the body and consciousness is to connect to the Divine intelligence.

You may want to explore and investigate your inner nature to see which one of the below states of consciousness feels right to you, or it could be something else entirely.

  • What is it about myself that wants to be another person’s savior, or apart of their hardship and why?

  • What is it about another person that I look up to or want to be like?

You are a reflection of what is waking up in someone else and vice versa.

The first state of consciousness is interesting. Some souls could’ve carried over from a previous life into this current life a messiah, or savior complex within our consciousness.

This can occur because we have helped so many souls in other lifetimes, including this current lifetime. It could also be that you carry higher wisdom, you want to share it with the world and desire acknowledgment for it. Take note, this self-discovery can be quite convoluted. Again, explore and investigate your inner nature. Learn about the part of you that could be holding onto a consciousness of superiority, recognition, or a sense of worth, among other possibilities.

The second state of consciousness asks that you take a look at the person who you look up to or admire. It could simply mean there is something within you that craves attention and is ready to awaken within you. However, while you have thought about the individual, you’ve potentially energetically attached to them. Simply own what attributes you like in that person, and begin implementing them into your life at your own pace.

Take away:

The only connection we are truly seeking is with our creator.

Plug into the omnipotent, electrical, Divine energy outlet via meditation, prayer, self-hypnosis, visualization, or by being in nature. Rather than pulling from others, or them pulling from you, we want to begin plugging into what we are really craving: source energy.

With love and light,


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